Translating and Interpreting

For students, researchers, and analysts, I offer translation services.  I can translate newspaper articles, scholarly articles on most topics (although not for the fields of science or law), excerpts from books/readings, and more from Chinese into English.  If you are interested in seeing some of my work before we start, you can follow this link.  Please allow 48 hours for each translation (see below for same day rates).  Simply e-mail me the text to be translated with “translation” in the subject line. I will let you know immediately if I have received it and if I am able to translate it. When I finish translating, I will send an excerpt and a PayPal link for payment, and once I receive payment I will send you the entire document.

In addition, I will create a citation for the document (including reference to myself as the translator) for use in school papers.

Please note that I will not accept requests for any “official” document translation, such as for birth certificates, legal documents, school transcripts, etc. If it is simply information that you need I can provide it for you in a different format, but I am not qualified to create official legal translations.

48 Hour Return Time: 4¢/character
24 Hour Return Time: 6¢/character

For those in the Pittsburgh area, I can provide informal Mandarin-English interpreting services. I can offer these to facilitate one-on-one or small group interactions, but will not do simultaneous or consecutive translation in larger, more formal settings.


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